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The Summary Guide to Federal Records is a listing of 181 record series that include approximately 176 cubic feet of paper records and 5460 microfilm reels of federal records. Record series of 16 federal agencies are represented. Updates to the guide will be made to reflect new accessions as records are acquired.

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About Federal Records

Copies of federal records with information relating to the state's history, government, citizens, and figures prominent in South Carolina history and government are collected to complement and enhance the department's holdings of South Carolina public records.

The majority of records are microcopies purchased from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). There are also a small amount of paper records, maps, and photographs, some of which were used by state agencies, counties, or municipalities in the course of their work and housed with records transferred to the department.

Among the types of federal records available are census records (population, agriculture, mortality, industry/manufactures, etc.), Revolutionary War pensions, compiled Confederate service records, Freedmen's Bureau microcopies, and Freedmen's Bureau records. Additional information is provided in:

Photocopies may be made from the NARA microfilm in the repository, but copies of the microfilm rolls must be purchased from the National Archives and Records Administration.

Also of interest are drafts and working files of the 1936-1941 inventory of South Carolina's public records by the Historical Records Survey, one of the projects sponsored by the Civil Works Administration and continued by the Works Progress Administration. The published detailed descriptive guides produced by this project are available in the Reference Room Library.


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