South Carolina Department of Archives and History

State Agencies Beginning With: G

Game, Division Of see: Wildlife And Marine Resources Dept.

Game Warden, Chief see: Wildlife And Marine Resources Dept.

General Assembly

Committee Of Both Houses To Enquire Into The Late Expedition Against St. Augustine
Committee Of Conference Upon Indian Affairs
Committee To Correspond With The Agent In Great Britain
Council Of Safety
Free Conference Committee Concerned With Petitions For Relief From The Confiscation Act Of 1782
Joint Committee On Contingent Accounts
Joint Committee Of Investigation Of The Third Congressional District Election
Joint Investigating Committee On Public Frauds
Commission To Investigate The Indebtedness Of The State
Joint Committee On Printing
Joint Committee To Investigate Law Enforcement
Committee To Investigate The Pulp And Paper Industry In South Carolina
Committee To Study The Harvesting Of Timber At Santee Cooper
Committee To Study The Problems Relating To The Regulation Of Drilling, Exploration, Production, And Processing Of Oil And Gas
Workers' Compensation Study Committee
Free Conference Committee On Home Rule
Committee To Investigate And Study Interest Rates
Committee To Investigate Electric Power Rates And The Structure Of The Public Service Commission Of This State
Committee To Review The Need For Study Committees
Joint Appropriations Review Committee
Joint Committee On Health Care Planning And Oversight
State House Committee

House Of Representatives
House Of Representatives. Committee On Claims
House Of Representatives. Committee On The Petitions Of Sundry Persons Praying To Become A Citizen
House Of Representatives. Committee To Impeach Alexander Moultrie
House Of Representatives. Office Of The Clerk
House Of Representatives. Office Of The Speaker
House Of Representatives. Agriculture And Natural Resources Committee
House Of Representatives. Committee On Education And Public Works
House Of Representatives. Committee On Structure And Authority Of State Government
House Of Representatives. Ethics Committee
House Of Representatives. Invitations and Memorial Resolutions Committee
House Of Representatives. Judiciary Committee
House Of Representatives. Committee On Labor, Commerce And Industry
House Of Representatives. Medical, Military, Public And Municipal Affairs Committee
House Of Representatives. Rules Committee
House Of Representatives. State Park (Desegregation) Study Committee
House Of Representatives. Ways And Means Committee

Senate. Clerk
Senate. General Committee
Senate. Office Of The Chaplain
Senate. Agriculture And Natural Resources Committee
Senate. Banking And Insurance Committee
Senate. Corrections And Penology Committee
Senate. Education Committee
Senate. Ethics Committee
Senate. Finance Committee
Senate. Fish, Game And Forestry Committee
Senate. Invitations Committee
Senate. Judiciary Committee
Senate. Labor, Commerce And Industry Committee
Senate. Medical Affairs Committee
Senate. Committee On Rules
Senate. Transportation Committee

Commons House

Commons House. Committee To Audit The Public Accounts

House Of General Assembly

Provincial Congress

Upper House Of Assembly

General Services, Division Of see: Budget And Control Board

General Sessions, South Carolina Court Of

Geodetic Survey see: Budget And Control Board

Geological Survey see: Natural Resources, Dept. Of

Geologist, State see: Natural Resources, Dept. Of

Geologists, State Board Of Registration For see: Labor, Licensing, And Regulation, Dept. Of

Government Restructuring, Commission On

Governmental Research And Service, Bureau Of see: University Of South Carolina

Governor As Agent Of The United States see: Governor’s Office

Governor's Commission On Management, Accountability, And Performance see: Governor Mark Sanford (2003-)

Governor’s Council On Rural Development see: Governor Richard W. Riley (1979-1987)

Governor’s Management Review Commission see: Governor John C. West (1971-1975)

Governor’s Mansion And Lace House Commission

Governor’s Office

Alphabetical List Of Governors
Chronological List Of Governors

Governor’s Task Force For Economic Growth see: Governor John C. West (1971-1975)

Grand Council

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