SC Archives Summary Guide

South Carolina Archives Summary Guide
Technical Reference

Terms and abbreviations used in the Summary Guide:

  • RG -- record group (used to designate the record group number, a control number used in the online catalog)

  • b. -- year of birth

  • d. -- year of death

  • fl. -- year(s) of activity known

  • ca. -- circa or approximate date

  • n.d. -- no date (undetermined date)

  • bulk -- bulk dates (where applicable, time period into which most of the records fall)

  • .01 or .00 -- indicates that the series is filed with, contained in, or filmed with another record series

  • quantity of volumes includes the number of indexes and Works Progress Administration transcripts

  • quantity of microfilm reels includes microfilm produced by this department, the Genealogical Society of Utah, and other vendors

  • Mixed Provenance is used as the subgroup for record series (generally unprocessed) which contain records of more than one office or administrative unit

  • Uncertain Provenance is used as the subgroup when the office cannot be readily identified from the records or when the record is part of a court case that has not yet been identified


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