Basic Records Management-
An Overview and a Quiz!

Thank you for visiting the SC Archives web site and taking the time to complete the introductory quiz on records management. We hope you find it helpful and if you aren’t already acquainted with us, we hope this serves as your first step towards establishing a working relationship with the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.

Before taking the quiz, some background information may prove helpful if you are new to the records management field:

In order to make records keeping easier for state and local government, the State Legislature enacted the Public Records Act - SC Code of Laws, Sections 30-1-10 through 30 –1- 180. In this era of increasing litigation, it is of paramount importance that public records keepers are fully acquainted with this law as well as the published standards and recommendations of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCDAH).

The responsibility for keeping public records falls to an agency’s or local government’s chief administrative officer. According to the Public Records Act, this individual may appoint someone to act on his or her behalf. The final responsibility still rests with the chief administrative officer, but the appointee, sometimes known as the records officer, has the daily responsibility for running the records management program.

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We appreciate your taking the time to complete the introductory records management quiz. We hope you find it helpful as a means of shoring up knowledge you already have as well as pointing out areas that need enhancement. 

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