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Series Description

General Assembly and Other Miscellaneous Records, 1774-1910  


CALL NUMBER:         S 390008

TITLE: General Assembly and Other Miscellaneous Records

DATE: 1774-1910

VOLUME: 7.26 cubic ft.

ARRANGEMENT: Series arranged chronologically by year and thereunder by assigned number with the items bearing no contemporary recording of date (N.D. or No Date items) filed separately and thereunder by assigned number. Some of the latter have been assigned circa dates in the date field in the index.

SUMMARY SCOPE NOTE: This series consists of miscellaneous items left behind because they could not be conclusively identified when the General Assembly papers were processed out of a subject file in the late 1970s and 1980s. Some of the items are now believed likely to be enclosures to petitions or governor's messages or otherwise related to the indexed General Assembly series. Reports that probably went to the General Assembly and covers for missing General Assembly papers are also present. Some items probably have their origin with other government offices. Possible relationships to other documents in the various General Assembly series are indicated in the brief abstracts in the On-line Records Index.

INDEX/FINDING AID: Entire series indexed to geographic locations, subjects, and the names of individuals in the repository's On-line Records Index.  In documents with large numbers of personal names, the first 60 legible names were indexed.  All names were indexed for documents of known historical significance or from districts whose records were extensively damaged during the Civil War or by natural disaster.

HIERARCHICAL NOTE: Forms part of the records of Mixed Provenance.