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Series Description

Petitions and Decrees in Summary Process, 1791-1870  


CALL NUMBER:        L 10068

CREATOR: Court of Common Pleas (Charleston County)

TITLE: Petitions and decrees in summary process

DATE: 1791-1870

VOLUME: 22.80 cubic ft. and 4.00 volumes

ARRANGEMENT: 1791-1841 arranged by year and thereunder by arbitrary number assigned by the repository. The remainder of the series arranged by original roll number.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL NOTE: The South Carolina Circuit Court Act of 1769 authorized judges of circuit courts to rule on petitions in minor disputes through summary process (without a jury). In 1870 jurisdiction over trials of small and mean cases was transferred from the court of common pleas to the magistrates court. Information about these cases was then reported to the court of common pleas and recorded as the series Transcripts of Judgments.

SUMMARY SCOPE NOTE: This series consists of the original papers of record in minor civil cases tried in summary jurisdiction (without a jury). Information includes roll number; names of parties and attorneys; cause of action; amount and kind of judgment; costs assessed; kind of execution; amount decreed; interest; date the sheriff's service was proved before the court; and sheriff's costs.

INDEX/FINDING AID: Plaintiff and defendant index entries for this series through the year 1823 are included in the repository's On-line Combined Index to Multiple Record Series, 1675-1929, and in the Combined Alphabetical Index produced by the repository on computer output microfilm (COM) in 1991. The alphanumeric code B1AE 019 was used to designate this series in the computer output microfilm index. Manuscript defendant indexes, 1784-1838, 1846-1858, and 1858-1869, and plaintiff index, 1842-1861, available in the repository.

HIERARCHICAL NOTE: Forms part of the records of the Court of Common Pleas for Charleston County.