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Accounts Audited of Claims Growing out of the Revolution in South Carolina, 1775-1856 (Microcopy No. 8)


CALL NUMBER:        S 108092

CREATOR: Dept. of Archives and History. Archives and Publications Division.

TITLE: Accounts audited of claims growing out of the Revolution in South Carolina, 1775-1856 (Microcopy No. 8)

DATE: 1985

VOLUME: 165.00 microfilm reels

ARRANGEMENT: Series arranged alphabetically by claimant.

SUMMARY SCOPE NOTE: This series, consists of a microfilm edition, also included is a digital copy available from the SCDAH website, of more than ten thousand files, is made up of documents that were presented by citizens to the treasury to support their claims for military service, supplies, and other contributions rendered the state during the latter part of the Revolutionary War. Generally included are auditor's papers, interest-bearing certificates called principal indents, and treasury and legislative papers that were related to claims.

Most files contain an auditor's cover paper giving the name of the claimant, a brief description of the service provided, the amount of the claim and its adjusted value, and, if an indent was issued, its number and the claimant's signature verifying its receipt, and occasionally, remarks by the auditor or by one of the commissioners appointed to receive and adjust the claims outside Charleston.

In addition, files may contain receipts and affidavits that attest to the validity of the claim and documents concerning the disposition of indents. Claims for military service are often supported by documents that show the dates and places of service and the name of the commanding officer. Claims for civilian service usually include a list of the supplies provided or describe the nature of the service as well as when, where, and to whom the service was given. Many files contain documents that authorize the treasurers to deliver an indent to a third party.  Some files, however, may only contain the auditor's cover paper and a scrap of paper to support an individual's claim.  

INDEX/FINDING AID: Names of the claimants (file holders) are indexed in the repository's On-line Combined Index to Multiple Record Series, 1675-1929, and in the Combined Alphabetical Index produced by the repository on computer output microfilm (COM) in 1991. A card file index available in the repository also indexes many, but not all, of the names mentioned in the files and is reproduced on Roll 165 of this microfilm publication. In this card file the names of the claimants (file holders) are underlined. The accounts audited and their finding aids are described in more detail in an introductory pamphlet to the microcopy. Personal names, geographic locations, and subjects mentioned in the Petitions to the General Assembly, Committee Reports, and Resolutions that were filed in this series in the twentieth century are included in the repository's On-line Index to Legislative Papers, 1782-1866, and in a computer output microfilm index to General Assembly papers produced by the repository in 1991. The numeric code 0015 003 was used to designate this series in the computer output microfilm indexes.

ADDITIONAL FORM: The first 300 files in the series (through Isaac Barnard) were published in three printed volumes: A. S. Salley, editor, Accounts Audited of Revolutionary Claims Against South Carolina (Columbia: S.C.: Printed for the Historical Commission of South Carolina by the State Company, 1935-1943). Many of the legislative papers now in these files were not present when these volumes were printed.

REPRODUCTION NOTE: Entire series available on microfilm produced by this repository.

LOCATION OF ORIGINALS: Original series is a part of the records of the Comptroller General in the holdings of the repository.

ASSOCIATED MATERIAL: Related records may be found through Sources for the American Revolution at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History, a guide compiled by Charles H. Lesser and available on the repository's website.

HIERARCHICAL NOTE: Forms part of the records of the Archives and Publication Division of the South Carolina Dept. of Archives and History.