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Series Description

Petitions to Practice Law, 1837-1859


CALL NUMBER:        S 139003

 CREATOR: Court of Appeals in Law (1836-1859)

TITLE: Petitions to practice law

DATE: 1837-1859

VOLUME: 0.33 cubic ft.

ARRANGEMENT: Series arranged chronologically by filing date. For indexing purposes, the petitions have been assigned numbers.

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL NOTE: S.C. Statute 1812(5)677 required attorneys to be citizens of the state, have attained their majority, offer character references, and pass the legal examination outlined in S.C. Statute 1796(5)289. The 1796 act required applicants to submit their petitions of admittance to the courts at Columbia or Charleston while they were in session. Upon approval of a candidate's qualifications, he would be examined by a competent number of the bar presided over by at least two justices and, after passing the examination, be admitted to the bar.

This series consists of petitions addressed to the justices of the Court of Appeals in Law at Charleston. Information includes the applicant's educational and professional background, signed testimonials to the petitioner's character, and certified statements attesting to candidate's educational qualifications. The petitions bear a signed and dated notation by a court justice as to when the petition was accepted.

INDEX/FINDING AID: The names of the applicants and of the persons offering testimonials in their behalf are indexed in the repository's On- line Combined Index to Multiple Record Series, 1675-1929, and in the Combined Alphabetical Index produced by the repository on computer output microfilm (COM) in 1991. In the computer output microfilm index this series is represented by the numeric code 0034 002.

ADDITIONAL FORM: The entire series has been digitized.  The digital images are linked to index hits from the On-line Records Index on the repository's website.

HIERARCHICAL NOTE: Forms part of the records of the Court of Appeals in Law (1836-1859).