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Series Description

Town Lot Grants, 1735-1775  

CALL NUMBER:        S 213017

CREATOR: Secretary of State. Recorded Instruments.

TITLE: Town lot grants

DATE: 1735-1775

VOLUME: 2.00 volumes

ARRANGEMENT: Series arranged chronologically in two letter-designated volumes (EE and FF).

BIOGRAPHICAL/HISTORICAL NOTE: This series originated in 1735 when the secretary's office began to use different printed forms for different types of land grants. Earlier town lot grants were recorded in manuscript with other types of grants. 

SUMMARY SCOPE NOTE: This series consists of recorded copies of land grants for town lots issued by the colonial governors of South Carolina in the name of the British monarchs. Low water lots in towns and vineyard lots in Hillsborough Township are also included. The entries contain the name of the grantee; the size and, where applicable, the number of the town lot; the location of the lot including surrounding landholders, streets, or lot numbers; the conditions of the grant; the certification date of the plat; and the date of the grant.

The first 93 pages in Vol. EE are recorded on the printed forms that make up the book. Thereafter, after 1741, the grants are in manuscript on the backs of the printed forms because the forms no longer fit the terms of the grants. Those terms had been changed to require larger houses with at least one brick chimney but also allowed a longer time for the house to be built. Wording about quit rents also changed from "one penny sterling if demanded" to "one Pepper Corn if demanded." Some 1765-1770 grants for town lots and for vineyard lots in Hillsborough Township and town lots in New Bourdeaux are in the form of abstracts. The new printed forms used for the few town lot grants recorded in Vol. FF make no mention of a requirement of building a house.

FINDING AID: The volumes in this series are included in the consolidated grantee index to the 2-letter volumes  of the series Colonial Land Grants, 1731-1775. The volumes contain internal grantee indexes. 

The ten grants in Vol. FF that were not copied into Colonial Land Grants (Copy Series), 1675-1788, are also indexed to personal names and geographic locations in the repository's On-line Combined Index to Multiple Record Series, 1675-1929.

ADDITIONAL FORM: The grants in Vol. EE in this series were transcribed into the Colonial Land Grants (Copy Series), 1675-1788, but Vol. FF, which contains only ten grants, was not copied.

ASSOCIATED MATERIAL: Town lot grants can also be found in the related series Colonial Land Grants, 1731-1775. Proprietary era town lot grants can be found in Abstracts of Grants, 1692-1718, and in the Conveyance Books, 1673-1719, of the Register of the Province. The repository also holds Certificates of Admeasurement for Charles Town Lots, 1678-1756; a Surveyor's Notebook for Charles Town, 1732-1752; several manuscript copies of the "Grand Plan" for Charleston; and certificates of survey for Beaufort town lots in the series Beaufort Town Lots, 1743-1774, in the records of the Auditor General.

HIERARCHICAL NOTE: Forms part of the records of Recorded Instruments of the Secretary of State.