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The Summary Guide to British Records is a listing of 37 record series that include 183 microfilm reels and 1 cd-rom of British records. Record series of 11 British government offices are represented.

Updates to the guide will be made to reflect new accessions as records are acquired.



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About British Government Records

This small collection consists primarily of British copies of South Carolina-created records or copies of British records with information relating to the state's colonial history and government, participation in the American Revolution, and to figures prominent in early South Carolina history and government. 



The collection is made up of microfilm copies of records in other repositories. The records date from as early as 1631 and vary in type and amount. Included are copies of such records as the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina and entry and minute books of the Lords Proprietors, correspondence between Great Britain and South Carolina, abstracts of land grants, legislative journals and acts sent to Great Britain, American loyalist claims in the Exchequer and Audit Office, various guides to British repositories having materials relating to American history, and papers of individuals such as Anthony Ashley Cooper, First Earl of Shaftesbury, and Charles Cornwallis.



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