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Listed below are the names of the governors for which the SC Archives has records.  Click on the name to see what records are available for that governor. 

For a complete listing of governors, see SCIway's South Carolina Governors 1776-present.

Governor John Archdale (1695-1696)

Governor Edward Tynte (1709-1710)

Governor James Glen (1738-1756)

Governor William Henry Lyttleton (1756-1760)

Governor Thomas Pinckney (1787-1789)

Governor John Drayton (1800-1802)

Governor John Drayton (1808-1810)

Governor David Johnson (1846-1848)

Governor William H. Gist (1858-1860)

Governor Francis Wilkerson Pickens (1860-1862)

Governor Milledge Luke Bonham (1862-1864)

Governor Andrew Gordon Magrath (1864-1865)

Governor Benjamin Franklin Perry (1865)

Governor James Lawrence Orr (1865-1868)

Governor Robert K. Scott (1868-1872)

Governor Franklin J. Moses, Jr. (1872-1874)

Governor Daniel H. Chamberlain (1874-1877)

Governor Wade Hampton III (1876-1878)

Governor William Dunlap Simpson (1879-1880)

Governor Thomas B. Jeter (1880)

Governor Johnson Hagood (1880-1882)

Governor Hugh Smith Thompson (1882-1886)

Governor John C. Sheppard (1886)

Governor John Peter Richardson (1886-1890)

Governor Benjamin Ryan Tillman (1890-1894)

Governor John Gary Evans (1894-1897)

Governor William H. Ellerbe (1897-1899)

Governor Miles B. McSweeney (1899-1903)

Governor Duncan Clinch Heyward (1903-1907)

Governor Martin F. Ansel (1907-1911)

Governor Coleman Livingston Blease (1911-1915)

Governor Richard Irvine Manning (1915-1919)

Governor Robert A. Cooper (1919-1922)

Governor Wilson G. Harvey (1922-1923)

Governor Thomas Gordon McLeod (1923-1927)

Governor John Gardiner Richards (1927-1931)

Governor Ibra C. Blackwood (1931-1935)

Governor Olin D. Johnston (1935-1939)

Governor Burnet R. Maybank (1939-1941)

Governor J. E. Harley (1941-1942)

Governor R. M. Jefferies (1942-1943)

Governor Olin D. Johnston (1943-1945)

Governor Ransome J. Williams (1945-1947)

Governor J. Strom Thurmond (1947-1951)

Governor James F. Byrnes (1951-1955)

Governor George Bell Timmerman, Jr. (1955-1959)

Governor Ernest F. Hollings (1959-1963)

Governor Donald S. Russell (1963-1965)

Governor Robert E. McNair (1965-1971)

Governor John C. West (1971-1975)

Governor James B. Edwards (1975-1979)

Governor Richard W. Riley (1979-1987)

Governor Carroll A. Campbell, Jr. (1987-1995)

Governor David M. Beasley (1995-1999)

Governor James Hovis Hodges (1999-2003)

Governor Mark Sanford (2003-2011)

Governor Nikki R. Haley (2011-2017 )


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